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Electrical Safety Checks

Electrical Installations require routine maintenance and inspection to ensure they remain in a safe and suitable condition for continued use

As well as legislative and regulatory requirements, both new and old, to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out, this is frequently overlooked

What may start as a minor issue can develop over time to present significant electric shock or fire risk 

But just because an installation is aged does not immediately determine it as unsafe. More often than not electrical installations that are 30 or more years old are still in the same serviceable condition as the day it was installed. Developments in British Standards, Technical and product enhancements may require minor upgrade works to be carried out to meet modern safety standards. This does not imply a full system upgrade, such as a rewire, is necessary. 

The Installation above had been unmodified for many years since its original installation, though there was a requirement to undertake upgrade works to offer additional levels of protection, there was no need 'rip it out and start again', in fact the test results obtained were far better than is often achieved in an installation half this age. 

The Installation below has been recently upgraded to incorporate some of the most modern safety features currently available. The investment required to upgrade your electrical system may not be as large as you may be expecting, but the additional levels of safety offered by these protective devices can be the difference between detecting an electrical fault early and automatically disconnecting supply until it has been rectified, or not detecting the fault until is has caused irreparable harm or worse.

A significant advantage to employing the services of a competent, qualified and experienced Electrical Contractor to carry out your EICR is that they will be able to identify what is a non-conformity to latest requirements and what is a safety concern that requires addressing without delay.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 place a legal requirement upon property owners and responsible persons to ensure the electrical installations within 'their places of work' are safe, suitable and sufficient with appropriate maintenance regimes in place to continue to meet obligations.

With the introduction of 'The Electrical Safety Standards in The Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020' contractors and electricians without sufficient experience are over exaggerating works needed. This may be to protect themselves as they would rather be over cautious, or cynically, it may be a way of maximising profits. 

Recently, more and more frequently, it has been identified within Home and Building Insurance Policies that an in-date/current Electrical Installation Condition Report is required, this includes within private residential dwellings. Failure to meet these requirements can, as an extreme, invalidate your insurance policy. Unfortunately this will only become apparent at the point when you need it most, following a significant event such as a house fire caused by faulty electrics.